About 7713


My name is Justin and I am the owner of 7713 Photobooth.  

7713 Photobooth originally started as 7713 Photography.  

I began 7713 Photography because I found a real love and passion for creating and capturing beautiful images.  I got the name "7713" from... well, take a look at my photography website, www.7713Photography.com, to find that out :)

Both 7713 Photography and 7713 Photobooth are owned and operated by me and my family.  We truly are a 'small' Family business, but with BIG expectations on quality and customer service for our clients.

As a photographer who would cover weddings and corporate events, I found photobooths as a fun alternative to standard photography.  But, I noticed some booths lacked in image quality, props, and presentation.  It made me think photobooths were cheap and gimmicky.  With that in mind, I thought why not offer my clients an elegantly designed photobooth with quality props, beautiful backdrops, and high quality images that would stand out from others.  

So here I am, expanding my photography business bringing along quality photography, great presentation, and a personal customer service that only a 'little' family business can provide.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or follow 7713 on Facebook or Instagram to see what we are currently up to!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and read about me.  



Contact Me

Consultations are always FREE for any project.  If I want to meet your expectations , and hopefully exceed them, I need to hear from you.  So contact me via Email, Phone or Facebook.  Whatever is more convenient for you.

Email:    7713Photobooth@gmail.com

Call:       (657)-234-7713

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